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Sciton lasers have often been called the Rolls Royce of lasers. They are unsurpassed in their quality. Their technology is superb, that quality of components top shelf, and clinically the results excellent. We offer varying configurations of Sciton based upon how they are originally designed and built by Sciton. Below are the systems we currently have in stock or access to. We are not a Sciton dealer dealer for new lasers, and we sell systems that present themselves on the preowned market either by trade ins, early lease terminations, and in some cases bank repossessions.

Welcome to our inventory section. Our inventory literally changes daily, as we constantly procuring new inventory for sales, as well as we often have “pocket listings” not yet sent out for sale to the retail market. If you do not see the exact machine you want don’t hesitate to call as we may already have one in stock unlisted, or one coming in on trade or from bank repossession.

All our inventory goes through a full inspection, service, and refurbishment process. All equipment is fully service, up to manufacturers specifications, and arrives to you “patient ready”. We include accessories with each machine, as well as extended warranty. We also offer extended warranties beyond the initial warranty term which is optional at purchase or after. We also offer pay per service after warranty expiration.

Call us anytime with questions regarding inventory, we are waiting for you call and we look forward to hearing from you.


  • Sale!

    Sciton BBL hand piece in like new condition. Zero pulses, and 1-Year warranty.

  • Sale!

    Sciton BBL Table Top System, fully serviced, all BBL filters, plus 420, and ST. Extended warranty included.

  • Sciton BBL Table Top System, fully serviced, all BBL filters, plus 420, ST-2, forever bare, forever young, and forever clear.

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    Sciton JOULE loaded: Dual Erbiums, Dual 1064-Yags, ST-2 and like new condition. All accessories included and white glove delivery available.

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    Sciton JOULE w/ Dual Erbium-ProFractional, Micro Laser Peel, TRL, DUAL ND-Yag/1064’s.

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    Sciton JOULE w/ Dual Erbium-ProFractional, ND-Yag, and BBL with ST2

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    Sciton JOULE with ProFractional, micro-laser peel, and BBL

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    Sciton JOULE-7 w/ HALO. 2018 system, like new with BBL and ST2.

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    Sciton Profile with ProFractional, ND-Yag/1064, micro-laser peel, and BBL (Copy)