The Laser Source is here for you, whether you need a simple preventative maintenance, an urgent on site repair, or an extended warranty.

One Very Important Aspect To The Laser Business Is Training

Many dealers sell equipment and most even good quality. However understanding how each laser works, AND how to safely run them clinically is also one of the keys to success. We offer these and many other services to customers who need or desire them. We teach both beginner level as well as for the advanced user who wants to go to the next level. Our trainers are well versed and highly capable trainers on most major makes and models. They will take the time to help you get to a level comfort, and or to excel at your chosen focus within the laser industries.

Another aspect of training that is pivotal to a practice success, is the business and marketing component. We often say that until a patient gets to the treatment room and the laser, you are a sales organization first. Having top quality equipment and results is of course paramount to success, however by the time the patient has reached the laser they already have been “sold” on what you do, and on your practice. The days of “have a laser and they will come” are long gone. Marketing and sales is a must to really excel in this industry. We can tech you how to launch your business, how and where to market, as well as sales techniques when doing patient consults. The combination of solid clinical back round along with clear sales efforts will take you and your business to new heights. And we are here to assist you in all those efforts.

Training Programs

*Additional custom training programs for all situational needs and desires by request.

Basic Remote (Skype or Face time) training

Basic set up, operation, and level 1 usage on lesser complex systems, OR experiences techs need only basic overview for new equipment type.

On Site Clinical training and certification

1 day training done on site for beginner or intermediate level technician looking for proficiency and certification.

Two days clinical and business start up training

For the start up business needing clinical training with certification, as we ll as business start and marketing assistance.

Advanced on site clinical training

Typically for Sciton and highly technical systems and technicians with some experience needing to hone their skills on a more sophisticated technology.